Download the Latest Betternet 2024 (Free Download)

Download the Latest Betternet 2024 (Free Download)

Apr 18, 2024 - 22:53
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Download the Latest Betternet 2024 (Free Download)
Download the Latest Betternet 2024 (Free Download)

When a site cannot be opened because it is blocked, there are several solutions that can be taken. VPN is one of them. The good news is that there are quite a lot of VPN providers that provide free packages with high speeds. Apart from Hotspot Shield, another free VPN service provider that is no less popular is Betternet.

The Betternet installation process is just as easy as Hotspot Shield. Overall it only takes two clicks to complete the installation. The only drawback lies in the rather long installation time.

When running Betternet, an offer will initially appear to use its premium services free of charge for 7 days. You can decline this offer by clicking the close button in the top right corner.

Betternet Features and Advantages

As always, free services always have limitations. Likewise with the free VPN service from Betternet. Every day there is a data limit of 500MB. After it runs out, you have to wait until the data limit is reset if you still want to use Betternet for free.

The next limitation is the location of the IP address. Only one country is provided, namely the United States, in contrast to the premium service which offers all locations with a total of 17 locations. But as long as you're not trying to access content that's only available in certain countries, it doesn't seem like this limitation is that problematic.

Betternet can be used directly without registration. You don't need to provide an email address or fill out surveys and the like. All you need to do is click the Connect button. The connection speed is also good. There is almost no difference to the original connection speed when tested for several hours. Used to open various sites, download several files, and watch videos on YouTube, the speed remains high.

At certain times, the VPN connection may be lost for certain reasons. For this reason, Betternet includes an option that will automatically reactivate the VPN connection. Apart from that, there is also a feature to automatically turn on the VPN connection when your laptop is connected to an internet network in public places such as airport waiting rooms, cafes, restaurants and others.

Download the Latest Betternet

The disadvantage of Betternet is that there is no option to automatically turn off or block the internet connection when the VPN service suddenly disconnects. As a result, the original IP Address information will be visible to other parties. But this drawback is also not a problem if your goal in using a VPN is solely to open blocked sites and not for security or privacy reasons.

Overall, Betternet provides a free VPN service that is quite reliable. The data limit is not big, but it also cannot be said to be small. If you feel that this amount is not enough, you can switch to Betternet's premium service or use another free VPN service for a while. Download the newest and free Betternet Free VPN via the link below:

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