Download the Latest OpenVPN for Windows 2024 (Free Download)

Download the Latest OpenVPN for Windows 2024 (Free Download)

Apr 18, 2024 - 22:58
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Download the Latest OpenVPN for Windows 2024 (Free Download)
Download the Latest OpenVPN for Windows 2024 (Free Download)

For more than 20 years, OpenVPN has been consistent in offering an encrypted path to communicate securely over an internet network that is full of security threats.

The idea for creating OpenVPN was motivated by the experience of its developer, James Yonan. When traveling abroad, he was forced to use a connection with questionable security to access his work network. Because he didn't want to experience the same incident, he developed an open source VPN software called OpenVPN.

OpenVPN Features

In the installation process, OpenVPN offers customization which allows users to choose the components they want to install. Among them are the OpenVPN client, OpenVPN service, documentation, configuration examples, TAP-Windows6 and Wintun drivers, as well as OpenSSL Utilities which includes EasyRSA 3 Certificate Management Scripts.

The OpenVPN icon immediately appears in the notification area after the installation is complete. To open the main window, right click on the icon and select Settings. Next, a window appears containing various options such as the option to launch OpenVPN automatically at startup, activate silent connections, set notification behavior, and set proxies.

OpenVPN can be used to connect one computer to another computer via a special encrypted path. Data passing through this route is protected so that no other party can see its contents. When data arrives at the VPN server, it will automatically be decrypted using the provided cryptographic key.

Once decrypted, the data will be forwarded by the VPN server to its destination as soon as possible. The data is then processed and the processing results are sent back to the VPN server. Next, the processing results are encrypted by the VPN server and sent to the user's computer to be received by the OpenVPN client for decryption.

OpenVPN can accommodate various needs such as remote access, opening sites censored by offices or the government, enjoying content that is locked based on geographic location, and securing Wi-Fi networks.

The Import File feature on OpenVPN allows users to access other VPN services such as ProtonVPN. After successfully connecting, OpenVPN will display a notification accompanied by the OpenVPN icon changing color to green in the notification area. The connection can be disconnected at any time by right-clicking the icon and selecting the appropriate command.

Among the advantages of OpenVPN, some of them are its security sector which is supported by 256 bit encryption technology, supports various operating systems for desktop and mobile devices, and supports UDP and TCP.

Download the Latest OpenVPN

The high security threats on the internet mean that many people from various circles really need a VPN. OpenVPN is present as a trusted solution thanks to its open source license. This means that the source codes are open to the public and can be checked by anyone to ensure OpenVPN's security.

The downside is that using OpenVPN can slow down connection speeds. How slow the connection is depends on various factors. Download the latest and free OpenVPN via the link below:

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