Download Windows 11 64-bit Official ISO (Latest 2024)

Download Windows 11 64-bit Official ISO (Latest 2024)

Apr 18, 2024 - 20:46
Apr 18, 2024 - 20:47
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Download Windows 11 64-bit Official ISO (Latest 2024)
Download Windows 11 64-bit Official ISO (Latest 2024)

Windows 11 is Microsoft's latest operating system which is the next generation of Windows 10. Like all previous versions of the operating system, there are always visual changes that are pleasing to the eye. One of them that is very striking in Windows 11 is the Start Menu and taskbar icon that shifts to the centre, similar to the appearance of macOS.

Apart from the taskbar, there are several other changes that are worth appreciating because they can increase user productivity, so it's not just the visual aspects that are considered. An example is the improved Snap feature that can place all open windows in a row.

Some New Features in Windows 11

Attractive Taskbar and Start Menu
Shifting the taskbar icon to the centre position may be quite controversial because in addition to resembling macOS, this change violates the Windows rule which has been putting the taskbar icon in order starting from the left position. However, it turns out that Microsoft also provides an option to restore the usual taskbar icon layout, so users who don't like the design change can simply disable it.

The corners of windows such as the File Explorer window and Start Menu in Windows 11 also appear curved so that they are more in line with Microsoft's Fluent Design concept, unlike Windows 10 where the edges of the windows are made sharp. In addition, the presence of several new icons also strengthens the impressive and refreshing charm of Windows 11 design.

If all that still doesn't feel biting, try clicking the Start button and taking a peek inside. At first glance, it already looks very different because Live Tiles are no longer there. There's just a bunch of small static icons grouped into Pinned and Recommended.

More Comfortable Multitasking
Furthermore, if you slide your mouse arrow to the maximise button on a software window, a collection of layouts will appear that are part of the Snap feature for multitasking. Once you click on one of them, the size of the software window will be reduced and its position placed according to the layout you selected.

Support for Android Apps in Windows 11
Windows 11 can be used to run Android apps, while the apps themselves are available in the Windows Store. In the Windows 11 announcement event held 2 years ago, Microsoft representatives ran the TikTok application on the OS as part of the demonstration.

Unfortunately, not all PCs can be used to run Android applications even though they have installed Windows 11. This is because the hardware used must support Intel Bridge technology.

Download the Latest Windows 11 ISO
In 2015, Microsoft had announced that Windows 10 was their last operating system, but that statement no longer applies with the arrival of Windows 11. Microsoft even reportedly cancelled the Windows design project for dual-screen screens for the sake of Windows 11.

And as can be guessed, the appearance of Windows 11 invites many reactions. According to the TorrentFreak site, some curious users managed to download ISO files containing the latest operating system before the launch of the Windows 11 announcement event. Download the latest and free Windows 11 ISO via the link below:

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